3 Ways To Keep Things Clean While Moving In The Fall

Fall is a great time of year to move, as the weather is still generally nice but a lot cooler than the spring and summer months. However, there is no doubt that with wind and falling leaves, fall can be a dirty season. Here are a few tricks to keep both the homes you are moving out of and into clean during a fall move.

#1 Clear the Outdoor Paths

The first thing you are going to want to do is clear all the outdoor paths. This includes the paths from your driveway to your home and paths that run between your home and your garage.

Sweep up and remove all the leaves. Leaves hold water, and they can be slippery; you don't want a pile of leaves to trip up your movers. If there are any puddles, try to get rid of the water or fill the puddle up with sand.

You can also put cardboard down over any wet area on your pathway. Or you can put a treatment on the ground that will help dry it up, like Turface, which helps combat wetness from rain.

#2 Use Plastic Inside

Next, put plastic down on the ground inside of your home. Create plastic walkways in and out of the various rooms in your home. Plastic is most important on areas that are not easy to clean, such as carpeted areas.

Putting down plastic will allow you to keep things clean without having the movers remove their shoes every time they come inside, which is just not practical. Putting down plastic will help keep your floors clean while allowing the movers to keep on their shoes as they go in and out.

#3 Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy

Finally, keep some cleaning supplies handy. You are going to want to have a broom, sponge mop, paper towels, and a cleaning bucket available at both the home you are moving out of and the home you are moving into.

Clean as you go. Sweep up debris as it is tracking into your home. If the movers have to make multiple trips between homes, sweep and mop in between each trip. This will help keep your floors clean and ensure that you don't have a big mess to clean up when all the moving is complete.

It is possible to keep both the home you are moving out of and the home you are moving into clean this fall. Clear the outside paths before the movers show up. Put down plastic inside of your home to keep things clean. Keep cleaning supplies handy to get rid of dirt and leaves as quickly as possible once the moving is done or even in between each load if moving your home requires multiple trips. For more tips, contact local movers