Take The Mystery And Horror Out Of Moving Halloween Collectibles

Halloween is a holiday associated with trick or treating in gloriously spooky costumes. Few associate Halloween with moving those cool costumes across the country. Collectors of Halloween costumes and memorabilia, like anyone else, may need to move to a new residence. Turning over old, vintage Halloween costumes and other collectibles to a moving company can be scary. You don't want to see any harm and loss of value befall them. So, don't take anything for granted when moving these horror movie-inspired belongings. Be extra diligent to keep anything horrifying from happening.  

Reveal the Mystery inside the Boxes

Most people don't go into too much detail about the belongings they hand over a moving company to transport. A customer packing "odd" collectibles may be less-inclined to discuss contents. Collectors do themselves a monstrous disservice here. When moving a 1960's yak-fur werewolf mask or a Dracula cape from a 1980's theatrical production, be forthcoming. You want the movers to handle such items with great care. Unlike strange beings from outer space, movers don't possess X-ray vision. They won't know what is inside the moving boxes. So, they may not handle the boxes with the necessary extra-special attention befitting hard-to-replace things.

Sunlight, Heat, and Other Horrific Concerns

Even when packed and placed on the truck properly, the collectibles may remain at risk. A vampire disintegrates when exposed to the sun. Excess heat due to the summer beating down on the truck could have a destructive effect on a rare item. The interior temperature of a moving truck could reach extreme levels. Does the vehicle come equipped with a cooling system capable of bringing down the heat? Even if so, the movers might not engage the cooling system when they don't know the transported belongings require a controlled climate.

Insure All the Collectibles

Whether moving rare Halloween costumes or exquisite works of art, you do want the belongings insured. Accidents do happen even when the most capable drivers sit behind the wheel. Moving companies know this, which is why companies usually offer some insurance. Is the currently available policy deal adequate though? Take the extra steps to find out the collectibles' exact value. See what coverage options the moving company offers. Look into third-party insurance deals as well. And always take pictures and even video footage of the merchandise. The images could prove helpful upon filing a claim.

Ask a Not-So-Strange Question about Strange Things

In horror movies, humans make the mistake of assuming inhuman things don't exist. Clients seeking out moving companies shouldn't assume anything. Contact the moving company and ask the representative if the movers can handle transporting weird collectibles. Answer any questions the customer service rep poses. Doing so may avoid an unexpected problem.