Moving Hacks And Tricks

When you are moving, you want to take the necessary steps to making the entire process go as easily and hassle free as you can while packing and moving everything safely and efficiently. The following article will introduce some creative hacks and tricks that will help you to accomplish these things.

Stick to a realistic budget

When you are moving, you don't want to keep adding expenses to the move without having a detailed budget to follow that tells you the absolute maximum you can pay for things. This way, you know when you need to keep looking for things that allow you to stick to the allotted amount. For example, you can use an online gas calculator to see how much the price of gas will be in the different cities you will be traveling through. This helps you to keep track of which cities will be cheaper to stop and get gas in.

Take steps to save money on packing supplies

There are many ways you can save on packing supplies. This will save you both space and money. Instead of plate protectors, use towels between the plates. Also, use towels for packing fragile dish wear. Wrap sheets around items like vases and lamps. Wrap your flat screen TV's in blankets.

Use small stuffed animals in boxes to prevent things from shifting during the move. Fold a thick blanket in half and set it on the ground longways. Put a framed picture on the blanket, carefully fold it so the picture is covered with the blanket on each side. Put another picture on the blanket and roll it again. Do this as many times as you can to protect pictures.

Save your shredded paper as soon as you know you are going to be moving. Also, save your newspapers and shred them. The shredded paper is something else you can use for protecting items from damage during the move.

Pack small things in your pots and pans. Pack other small items in large kitchen storage bowls that would take up space on their own. If you have pillows or throw pillows that you didn't use to protect something, put them in the washer, drier, oven, dishwasher, etc. The pillows are very light, so you won't have to worry about adding weight to the items during the moving process.

Keep fishing poles together

You can carefully wrap your fishing poles with a sheet and use tape around the sheet to keep them together and prevent them from falling everywhere. Tighter tape will prevent some of them from falling out of the sheet at the bottom.

Remember most everything heavy has rollers or wheels now

Older furniture and appliances generally wouldn't have rollers or wheels, so everything had to be carried or moved on a dolly. However, new appliances and furniture generally as wheels, so you want to remember moving these things may be much easier than you thought.

Take pictures of furniture

If you have any furniture that must be disassembled and you don't have the manual or instructions, you can try to find them online. If you can't, then you want to take pictures of the steps you took to disassemble the furniture. Then, when it comes to putting it back together, you will follow the pictures to figure out how to put everything back together. Also, use two plastic baggies that seal to bag up all the small pieces, then tape the baggie to the bottom of the furniture so they aren't misplaced. Take pictures of the back of electronics to remember how the cords attach.

Remove boxes and bags as you unpack them

When you get to your new place, remove the boxes and bags as they are unpacked so you won't have to work around them which can make more clutter making things more confusing and causing tripping hazards.

Hire movers

One of the most important things you can do to make your move go well is to hire a moving company. They will pack the moving truck, drive your belongings to the storage unit or to your new home and unload the truck for you. This can take a lot of stress off your family and prevent you from needing to lift a finger, allowing you to avoid fatigue and injuries.