3 Reasons To Get A Storage Unit When Downsizing

Do you feel like you are spending too much on rent and need to move to a different home? Is the only affordable option that's available a tiny apartment, but you have things that you don't want to throw out? Whether your hours have been cut back at work, your current landlord has raised your rent too high, or something else entirely, you're not alone. Many people have a difficult time finding affordable accommodations that are suitable, often having to compromise in some manner and settle for something that is cramped or is otherwise unsuitable for various reasons. But this doesn't mean that you have to give up your beloved belongings. Putting your stuff into storage is a viable option that you should consider for the following reasons.

Inexpensive: When compared to the cost of living space, storage units are extremely cheap. In most areas, you can find storage facilities with rooms that will hold the entire contents of a large house and charge you a fraction of what a studio apartment would cost. Since you're not going to be storing everything you own, you'll be able to use a smaller storage unit that costs even less. This helps to make it an extremely affordable option.

Convenient: Although putting your stuff into self-storage means that you won't simply be able to walk down the hall to get one of these stored items, they can still be extremely convenient. Many storage units offer extended hours or even 24-hour access, allowing you to be able to get to your stuff even in the middle of the night. This is great if you realize that you've accidentally stored something important that is necessary right away or you just feel like getting one of the books from your personal library to read before bed. 

No lease: Unlike many apartments, you can find manystorage units that are rented on a monthly basis. This means that if you decide to move your stuff out of the storage room in 3 months, that's fine. If you're there for a few years, that's also fine. As long as you continue to pay the rental fee, you'll be able to use the unit for as long as you need. This allows you the freedom to be able to use whatever is the easiest and most convenient solution for your needs, whether it's at the storage facility or you're able to locate a larger home to live in.