Moving? 4 Moving Supplies You Must Have

Is your moving day approaching? If so, you'll likely be gathering all the supplies you need to ensure that the move goes smoothly. However, you need a lot more than just cardboard boxes and moving tape. Here are some moving supplies that it will help to have on hand.

1. Corner Protectors

You'll be moving a lot of items out of your house, which means navigating around corners and door frames that can bang up your furniture if you're not careful. That's why it helps to have corner protectors on items, since the corners are the place where items are more likely to become damaged. These corner protectors are made out of cardboard, and you place them on the corners of furniture, such as your dresser, bookcase, or dining room table. If you bump the item into a wall, you won't cause as much damage to the wall or your furniture.

If you can't find corner protectors at a store, you can always make them by cutting up some cardboard boxes.

2. Appliance Dolly

You'll need to have a dolly, but it's important that you have the right one. You'll want an appliance dolly, which has straps that you can tighten to secure the item you are moving to the dolly. While a regular dolly works well for boxes, an appliance dolly will help you move large items down steps and onto a moving truck. Be sure to get one, even if you are not moving appliances.

3. Forearm Moving Straps

Sometimes items are too heavy to move with a dolly, and it can only be done with heavy lifting. These items can benefit from having forearm moving straps. They attach to the bottom of the item and allow you to lift with your forearm strength rather than your fingers. It can easily help you move large furniture without bending over to pick them up.

4. Plastic Wrap

Another item that you may not have thought of getting is plastic wrap. This large roll of plastic can be used to protect items that are otherwise difficult to protect during a move. For instance, you can wrap a couch in plastic wrap to protect the fabric from getting torn if it brushes against a corner when moving it. You can also use plastic to make sure that doors stay shut on certain items instead of swinging open.

If you don't want to deal with gathering all the items that you need for a move, be sure to hire your local moving services to do the job for you.